10 key responsibilities of a property manager of Penthouse Properties LLC

In Dubai, the property managers are hired to manage operations, maintenance and administration of rental properties of landowners in a successful manner. We, at Penthouse Properties LLC, handle all kinds of property management tasks right from basic ones to handling the whole operations within a property. As one of the leading property management companies in Dubai, we offer customized and premium property management services that add capital value and appreciation to a property. With the growing number of commercial properties, buildings, villas, residential apartments in Dubai, we try to share the burden of the landlords and implement relevant policies, processes and manpower necessary for a steady flow of income from the property. We also ensure a pleasant stay for the tenants resulting in maximum tenant retention and uninterrupted rental income for the landowners.

Below are the key 10 responsibilities that we handle for our clients.

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Finding New Tenants

As one of the best property management companies in Dubai, tenant management is one of our primary responsibilities. This includes finding and attracting suitable tenants for the landlords. Towards that, we aim to fill up the vacant rental units quickly and therefore, marketing a rental property is an integral part of our job. Our team advertises the rental properties and even posts relevant ads to best listing sites or other places to generate optimum results.

Tenant Screening

At Penthouse Properties LLC, we ensure that tenants we choose are trustworthy. We follow a specific tenant screening procedure that helps us to go through the credit history and background of the prospective tenants thoroughly. The best part is that the more people we screen, the faster we choose the right tenants and avoid recurrent tenant turnover.

Effective Handling of Complaints

Regular maintenance and handling of complaints become our key property management responsibilities. Suppose, if anyone is conducting late night parties in the unit frequently and the neighbors complain about it, then we may talk to both the parties and try to resolve the matter quickly. At times, our property managers have the expertise to handle emergency situations effectively and take up necessary safety measures whenever required.

Coordinating Tenant Turnover

Proper coordination of tenant turnover is another vital responsibility that we handle as one of the leading real estate management companies in DubaiIn fact, our property managers are the ones who coordinate whenever people move in and out. They always supervise the rental spaces carefully, clean and repair the damages if any and fix the issues before any new tenant moves in. In some cases where the tenants create problems, we even handle eviction process. Well, our property managers are updated with the tenant laws and also have the expertise to handle the situation confidently.

Setting, Collecting as well as Adjusting Rents

Every landlord wants to receive rent at the scheduled time and therefore they often outsource this task to the property management companies. We set up a specific system to ensure timely collection of rent from the tenants. We include strict deadlines and penalties for late payments and follow a unique method to check if the rents have been paid as agreed. Apart from timely rent collection, we take up the responsibility of setting up a rental rate. This ensures that our managers are always abreast with the current trends of the market. Our team adjusts the rent in a way to attract the right tenants and generate rental income for the landowners.

Property Maintenance

The key responsibility of our team of property managers is to ensure that a rental property always remains in excellent condition and it is also safe for the tenants. Property maintenance means investigating as well as resolving complaints of tenants and enforcing occupancy rules properly. We also check a vacant apartment and renovate it if required or coordinate with the contractors.

Securing the Property

Our responsibility as a property manager goes beyond the basic maintenance of a rental property. In fact, we also take steps to secure the property by maintaining proper security devices and so on. Our duty also includes setting up the right policies and procedures that help to handle any emergency. We understand that the more secure a rental property turns out to be, the better sense of security the tenants feel. This ensures maximum tenant retention.

Overall Supervision

As one of the top property management companies in Dubai, the responsibilities of our property managers and their role can be a lot more than what meets the eye. In other words, our responsibilities do include the most apparent and day-to-day services and in the background, they actually run the whole process of running the property. In simple terms, we often are asked to do the analysis, planning and managing the property. For instance, if there are other employees working for the rental property, for instance, security guards, we also supervise their work. These include fixing their salaries and assessing their performance. We also oversee works of other potential contractors associated with the property.

Financial Management

As a property manager, our task of financial management begins from evaluating and establishing the right rental rates, calculating costs, depreciation, taxes to determining realistic profit goals and a budget to achieve them. For this, we accumulate rents as well as pay invoices, evaluate variances, and even apply best corrective actions to ensure that the budget is back on track.

Enforcing Landlord-Tenant Laws

Our expert property managers have comprehensive knowledge of relevant landlord-tenant laws related to tenant screening, managing security deposits, lease terminations, and evictions, as well as compliance with property safety standards. They also enforce these and all the policies are successfully laid out in the lease contracts.

We hope our exhaustive common property manager responsibilities provided you a better understanding of what is expected of this role. At Penthouse Properties LLC, our team of property managers has rightly acquired diverse and appropriate skills and knowledge to manage rental properties successfully. Hire us and stay at peace.

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